Apprentice Deb

Deb Shuttleworth – Team Leader/Supervisor Apprentice

Deb Shuttleworth has been working at Wigan Council for just over 4 years and in May 2022 she enrolled onto the Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship. We managed to sit down and catch up with Deb to find out more about how she’s finding the apprenticeship. 

What made you decide to do an apprenticeship

I’ve always enjoyed learning and following the pandemic I wanted to challenge myself and learn something new. Wigan Council were offering this apprenticeship alongside your current role so I thought I would find out more. I attended an engagement session and a colleague, who is currently on the apprenticeship, explained what was involved and I think that’s what made me want to do it. I felt that it was too good of an opportunity to miss and put myself forward. So far everyone involved has been really supportive. 

What has been the biggest highlight of your apprenticeship so far

I enjoyed the self-awareness module as it allowed me to understand myself better and I also found the time management techniques interesting. It’s been good to learn about models and theories which I am currently applying to my role but also being able to find out new ways of working. I enjoy understanding different learning styles, how other people work, their different strengths and working styles. 

How has the apprenticeship impacted on you, your development and job role? 

I feel I’ve learned a lot so far and I’m really enjoying the programme.  It has taught me different leadership styles and theories to use within my role.  I have recently been promoted to Transformation Project Officer for Adult Social Care and Health. I believe being on this apprenticeship gave me the confidence to apply for the role and I’m enjoying being able to manage multiple projects. Modules from the apprenticeship such as project management have really helped me increase my skills and knowledge and I have been able to apply aspects of the finance module to my daily tasks. 

What has been your experience of Damar’s approach to training and development

My coach, Katie Davies, from Damar is really supportive especially during the initial setup meetings and her ongoing support throughout the programme whenever we have planned coaching sessions.  Katie is always available if I have any questions, at any time of the day. I like the fact I get to manage my own apprenticeship time and work around my current role. It helps having Damar Open Learning as I can access the resources whenever I need to and they are always there to go back to if required.