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Josh McCarthy – Business Admin Apprentice

This case study is from Josh McCarthy, an apprentice at JB Leitch.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I decided to do an apprenticeship as I wanted to get stuck in to working a full-time job. I believed university was not for me and I wanted to dive straight in and work while also be trained to gain as much experience as I could to give me much more of an understanding of my job role.

What did you enjoy most about your business admin apprenticeship?

I enjoyed learning new skills while on the job as this broadened my mind on new ideas that can contribute to my work and my apprenticeship. I enjoyed making a lot of new friends while being here and improving my soft skills like communication and teamwork.

How did you find your training with Damar?

I thought the trainers were excellent. They were all great motivators and drove me to complete all of my tasks and do well in my exams. The training was challenging but I stuck with it and made sure I completed everything. I can’t thank my trainers enough.

What do you think your biggest achievement was as a business admin apprentice?

I think my biggest achievement was passing all of my exams. I put a lot of preparation into them and made sure I knew what I was doing. This paid off well as I passed them all first time which meant I was one step closer to gaining my qualification.

What were your next steps?

I have since moved to IT and will be starting my IT apprenticeship in February 2020.

What are your plans after you complete your IT apprenticeship?

Once I complete my IT apprenticeship I will look to go on more courses relating to IT. This will definitely help to improve my knowledge and understanding of IT that will build upon my current knowledge and further my career.