Lauren Dzyra – Medical Admin Apprentice

Lauren, a Clerical Officer in Radiology within Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, has recently completed her business administration apprenticeship.

How has the apprenticeship improved your life?

The apprenticeship has had a massive impact on the way that I am at work. For example, I have learnt new ways of completing tasks. I have also developed my English and IT skills and this has helped me a lot in the environment that I work in.

How will the apprenticeship training continue to impact on you in the future?

The training that I have completed has helped me a lot within my role and I believe that it will continue to help me by developing more skills, including my English and IT skills.

How has the apprenticeship impacted on your organisation?

As part of the apprenticeship I had to do a project on improving a process. I did mine on one of the stations that I work on and this had a huge impact in terms of bringing down our waiting times in the department, so patients were getting booked in and being seen quicker.

How has Damar’s approach to training contributed to the impact of the apprenticeship on you and your organisation?

Damar has helped me so much all the way through my apprenticeship, especially my coach Vicky, who has been an absolutely amazing coach and confidant.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I decided to do an apprenticeship because not only was I learning a role within my department but I was also learning and completing a course which would give me more opportunities within the NHS.

What activities do you do in your day-to-day role?

I do quite a few different activities within my role and these change depending on what work station I am on within the department. For example, I answer a phone line for patients to book appointments for x-rays and work in our PACS office sending out legal documents and requesting and inputting imaging from other hospitals onto our system.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy working with people and I think that working in a hospital is one of the best places for me. I am working with the general public, and also with staff who are high up in the hospital. I am learning all new types of skills and I am also helping to care for the patients, which is something that I want to learn more about.

What are your future career plans?

I am unsure of what my future career plans will be but I am sure that with the qualification I now have, I will be able to go into many different roles and workplaces.