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Damar have worked with many NHS Trusts across England to deliver apprenticeships for newly recruited and existing members of staff in support roles. 

Some specific examples include:

  • Working in partnership with Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust to design and implement their Youth Academy programme, which allowed the Trust to recruit apprentices into customer service and medical administration roles, as well as support existing staff within the Trust.
  • Launching a management programme with Stockport NHS Trust, across levels 3 and 5. This was offered out to individuals in both clinical and non-clinical roles across a number of bands, including some aspiring managers. Since the launch of this programme, we have seen apprentices not only achieve distinctions, but also progress within the organisation to more senior roles.
  • Working in partnership with Manchester Foundation Trust, an employer-provider, to deliver apprenticeship training in management and medical administration.

NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations can take advantage of the following apprenticeships offered by Damar:

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The Damar Difference

Our apprenticeships have many unique features which maximise the benefits of apprenticeship training for healthcare organisations:

  • We have extensive experience in working with healthcare organisations, including the NHS
  • We are able to match each apprentice with the most relevant coaches and subject specialists to help them achieve their full potential
  • We offer an account managed service, with employers able to view and track the progress of all of their apprentices
  • We provide the opportunity for apprentices to engage with each other, through the use of group workshops and discussion forums
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Training Delivery

The delivery method can vary according to the needs of the apprentice, the employer and the qualification. We use a blended delivery model which combines 1:1 and group workshops and meetings with a Damar coach and subject specialists, with online learning, webinars and e-tutorials delivered via our virtual learning environment, Damar OpenLearning. This gives apprentices access to more specialist teaching content and the flexibility to access content when at times that suit them and the employer. Apprentices need to spend 20% of their time on their off-the-job apprenticeship training.

People of all ages and educational backgrounds can generally undertake an apprenticeship, but there are specific requirements for some apprenticeship standards. The employer and the training provider must also ensure that the apprenticeship will allow the individual to gain substantive new skills and knowledge.

Employers that pay the Apprenticeship Levy are able to pay all of the training costs from their Apprenticeship Levy account.

Employers that do not pay the levy, as well as large employers who have spent their levy budget, pay just 5% of the overall cost, with the government paying the balance. For employers with fewer than 50 employees the 5% contribution is waived for apprentices aged 16-18.

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Damar Orange Quotes

“We’ve worked closely with Damar
to develop our youth academy and
a robust programme which delivers
business admin and AMSPAR qualifications, with a
streamlined onboarding process.”

Julie Wilson
Apprentice Co-ordinator,
Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

The Benefits of Apprenticeships for the NHS

Apprenticeships have been proven to bring many benefits to organisations, including NHS Trusts and other healthcare institutions, such as reducing skill shortages, minimising staff turnover, increasing workforce diversity, improving the patient experience and increasing productivity. They offer a cost-effective route to attract fresh talent and develop the workforce.

Some of the benefits that Damar’s NHS apprentices and Trusts have highlighted are:

“The improvements I have made through my apprenticeship have increased the organisation’s standing in the NHS improvement cost recovery tables and improved the way we work with patients.”  Medical Admin Apprentice

“During the pandemic, we were all working in a stressful and unfamiliar environment. Tools I learnt about management of self and self-awareness really helped during this time.”  Team Leader Apprentice

“Our apprentice can look through the inbox, prioritise straight away and flag up urgent cases to a higher level. The way she has taken it all on board, it’s just helping the service run so much smoother.”  Manager of Customer Service Apprentice

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