The O Shaped Lawyer Paralegal Pilot

Damar Blog Post

Damar played a key part in the development of the first legal apprenticeships over a decade ago and we are now working with employers and regulators to ensure that apprenticeship standards meet the evolving needs of law firms and their clients and support a diverse, inclusive and healthy working environment.

The development of the right mindset and behaviours alongside technical skills and knowledge have always been important to us. However, the O Shaped Lawyer® has been the first to really set out the detail of these human-centric competencies and the value they deliver – to individuals, to providers of legal services and their clients.

We believe there is a perfect fit between the aims of the O Shaped Lawyer® and apprenticeships. This is why we are excited to be able to offer employers interested in the “O” the chance to participate in the first paralegal apprenticeship programme that explicitly includes O Shaped skills in addition to the wider competencies of the apprenticeship standard.

It will be delivered in partnership with the O Shaped Lawyer® and will include content from general counsel as well as opportunities for apprentices to embed and demonstrate their skills. The goal is that, by the end of the apprenticeship, your apprentices understand the importance of, and can apply (at an appropriate level), the O Shaped Lawyer® attributes at work. This will support their future development and, we hope, make them more confident and impactful in their roles.

The pilot will inform future apprenticeship development and we will be seeking participants’ feedback. There is no additional cost and it is initially available for employers enrolling paralegal apprentices (who can be new or existing employees) with Damar between August and December 2021. Don’t forget too that, for each newly recruited apprentice enrolled by 30th September, there as an additional government incentive of at least £3,000.

Places are limited so, if you’d like to know more, please contact Damar’s managing director Jonathan Bourne, our commercial partnerships director, Robin Lindsay or give us a call on 0161 480 8171.

You can find out more about the O Shaped Lawyer® at