Are you enabling your accountants for the future?

Apprenticeships are a great way to hire and train people on the job. By offering apprenticeship programmes as a way into your business, it sends out a strong statement that you are willing to invest in an individual’s personal development and allow them to gain the skills they need to get into their desired field of work.  

In this blog we highlight the impact that our accountancy apprenticeships have had on our employers and apprentices and why you should choose Damar when considering apprenticeships. 

Develop and address the skills shortage 

The shortage of skills exists in almost every industry, but especially in those where technology systems are constantly evolving. A report published by the Professional & Business Services Council and the Financial Services Skills Commission revealed that 32% of accountancy and professional services firms are experiencing talent shortages. 

Offering accountancy apprenticeships as a way into your business, helps address the skills shortage, and also allows you to build a team of specialists. 

Grahame Benson, Chief Financial Officer at Wondrwall said: “We never would have expected our apprentice to have done £20m worth of quotes, just six months into the job.”  

It’s clear to see that Wondrwall have invested time and empowered their apprentice with the skills they need to be become an expert in this role. When we asked Grahame how the accountancy apprenticeship has supported their business he said: 

“It’s all down to the structured, direct engagement between the coach and apprentice. Damar has really set us up to succeed.” 

Coach and mentor your apprentice 

Bringing apprentices into your organisation will bring new ideas, fresh perspectives and will future proof your business. However, an added benefit is that it frees up more senior staff to focus on tasks that will add value to your organisation, as well as, allowing them to coach and mentor the next generation of financial professionals.  

A great example of this is when we asked Kieran Marquis, an accounting apprentice at RPC about his apprenticeship working experience: “Giving me smaller tasks affords senior staff the time to do more complex work. They’re then able to loop me in on what they’re working on so I can learn to be able to do those complex tasks myself.” 

Visibility of how your apprentice is progressing 

It is important to ensure as an employer you are fully committed to your apprentices review meetings as they are key to you gaining an insight into how your apprentice is progressing. Your apprentice is more likely to succeed if you take a close interest in how they are getting on. 

Samantha Nelmes, Director at LilyIris Accounting Limited, who has three accounting apprentices all at different stages on their apprenticeship journey highlights what she does to support her apprentices: 

“What I really admire about Damar and their approach to apprenticeships is the visibility you get as an employer. I have access to systems which allows me to understand how my apprentices are progressing. I have the functionality to be able to see what modules they are covering now and in the upcoming months and I also get to see what work they have submitted and if there is any way I can support them.” 

Structure on the job learning to support the apprentice 

You’ll need to give your apprentice training and supervision to help them perform in the job and get them enthusiastic about their career. This will include providing them with any skills and knowledge that falls outside the apprenticeship but are needed for the job role. 

By doing this you will get an apprentice who is motivated and committed in the long-term as you have helped them develop their skills over several years. 

Samantha Nelmes, explains the best practice she used to support her apprentices on the job learning “I have access to the training plan so I can understand the structure of the apprenticeship, this allows me to manage the practical aspect of the job as I am able to coincide this with the theoretical learning.” 

Equipping finance professionals with the skills for the future 

As technology and automation advances, finance professionals require enhanced customer service, negotiation and strategic thinking skills, in addition to the AAT knowledge. We constantly review our accountancy provision to equip finance professionals for the future. 

Steve Ainsworth, Programme Manager for the accounting apprenticeships at Damar Training says:  

“Embracing new and desirable skills in technology, ethics, sustainability, and communication will empower finance professionals to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the accounting industry. By equipping our apprentices with these skills, we will support them in embracing technological advancements, promote ethical conduct and sustainable practices, and effectively communicate financial information to all areas of the organisation they work for. This transformative journey will not only ensure their professional growth but also enable them to make a positive impact, foster innovation, and drive success in the future of their organisations.” 

How are we different to other training providers  

Our people: 

We have high quality, specialist coaches and tutors who have knowledge of the accounting sector. Alongside the accounting apprenticeship they will offer insights that will positively influence apprentices’ learning experience.  

Ofsted rated Good in all areas: 

We had a full Ofsted inspection from 14th – 17th March 2023. Over four days, a team of eight inspectors surveyed our apprentices, partner-employers and colleagues. They carried out dozens of interviews, reviewed apprentices’ work and considered a wide range of documentary and other evidence. 

The report (available here) distils that work into just over three pages and concludes that Damar’s overall effectiveness is good in all areas. 

Flexible starting points: 

At Damar we understand that businesses are constantly evolving. Unlike some apprenticeship providers, we offer multiple start points through the year.  

Robust delivery model: 

Apprentices benefit from face-to-face online delivery, both 1:1 and in groups, supported by high-quality online resources. This ensures a consistent, high-quality experience wherever in England the employer and apprentice are based.

Specialist recruitment team: 

We have a specialist recruitment team, who are available to all employers, that can support you in your apprenticeship journey. They can support you in sourcing the best candidate for your apprenticeship vacancy, provide direction and best practice. They can also screen all applications and shortlist candidates for interview saving you time and the expense. For more information read our blog on our Recruitment Team: 

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