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So what is off-the-job training?

In this blog we hear from Krishan Parmar, Business Development Executive, who specialises in supporting SMEs at Damar Training, with his insights into ‘off-the-job” training.

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Apprenticeships for SMEs

Did you know that every year’s intake of apprentices is expected to add £700m a year of value to the economy? And, with SMEs accounting for 61% of UK employment. 

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Shining a spotlight on our Recruitment Team

To support NAW we managed to sit down and speak to our Recruitment Co-Ordinators, Sabina Adam and Hannah Bennett, who outline the pivotal role they play within our organisation.

CLICK HERE to read the full interview.

Grahame Benson
Damar Orange Quotes
“We never would have expected our apprentice to have done £20m worth of quotes, just six months into the job. It’s all down to the structured, direct engagement between the coach and apprentice. Damar has really set us up to succeed.”

Grahame Benson
Chief Financial Officer,

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