Defining your success

You could spend hours researching ways to define your success, however here at Damar Training we like to keep things simple. Below you will find some ways to define your success.

  • What does success look like? Does it mean more money, material things, happiness, better health? Visualise your successful future.
  • Plan – how are you going to achieve this? Planning is extremely important and will help you achieve goals. Think about both big and small steps that may need to be taken to get to where you want to be.
  • Get specific – your route to success may feel overwhelming; when things get tough think about what you can do now rather than in the future
  • Make a plan – planning will support you on your journey, however only you can put the plan into action, you will be one step closer to success. 
  • Keep to the plan – Your plan will support you, but it is down to you to make it all happen. Follow the plan, but be prepared to tweak it as and when necessary; seek advice and feedback
  • Check in with yourself – it can be easy to get distracted and lose sight of what you are trying to achieve, so check in with yourself at least monthly to ensure you are on track.
  • Don’t give up – there may be times you want to quit but remember why you started and what your long-term goals are. Work hard and believe in yourself.

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