Data Protection and Information Governance Practitioner Apprenticeship
Damar’s DP&IG apprentices learn from industry experts and develop the skills needed to perform a vital role within their organisations.

Data Protection and Information Governance Practitioner Apprenticeship (Level 4)

Data Protection and Information Governance (DP&IG) is a rapidly growing area of compliance risk for organisations that process or control personal data. We developed our programme in partnership with several of the “trailblazer group” of employers that designed the apprenticeship. 

This occupation is found in organisations of all sizes across all sectors where personal and commercial data is processed. It is also an area where many organisations have a skills shortage. Legislative requirements such as the UK GDPR, increasing risks posed by cyber-attacks or leaks of sensitive information mean that the threat posed by poor DP &IG can be a threat to the organisation’s very existence. 

Damar’s DP&IG apprenticeship programme has been built with the support of employers and in partnership with experts in the field at Act Now, who help us ensure that course content and materials are always up to date. 

Key facts

Most of our DP&IG Practitioner apprentices work in roles that support their organisation’s Data Protection Officer.  

Successful completion of the apprenticeship aligns with professional recognition by The Information and Records Management Society and The British Computer Society. 

19 months (includes end-point assessment)

The programme is formed of ten carefully planned and sequenced 6-week modules that help apprentices learn and apply the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for each of the core occupational duties undertaken by data protection and information governance practitioners. This is complemented by three one-day workshops delivered by expert practitioners. 

  • Module 1: the UK data protection regime
  • Module 2: data and cyber-security
  • Module 3: handling data subject’s rights request
  • Module 4: data protection policies and procedures 
  • Module 5: managing data protection risk 
  • Module 6: The Freedom of Information Act 2000 
  • Module 7: The Environmental Regulations 2004 
  • Module 8: records management 
  • Module 9: communication: influencing and persuading 
  • Module 10: organisational and other skills 

All apprenticeships embed the functional use of maths and English as well as personal development topics in areas such as equality and diversity and British Values. Apprentices unable to evidence maths and English at GCSE level 4 or above may need to take functional skills exams as part of the apprenticeship. Additional training is provided if necessary. 

People of all ages and educational backgrounds can undertake DP&IGP apprenticeships, but there are some restrictions, the most important of which are: 

  • The employer and the training provider must ascertain that the apprenticeship will allow the individual to gain substantive new skills. The training therefore needs to be materially different from any prior qualification or previous apprenticeship. 
  • The apprenticeship must align with the skills needs of the apprentice’s role. 
  • The apprentice must be employed, usually for 30+ hours a week, and work more than 50% of their time in England. 
  • All apprenticeships must take at least 12 months with apprentices spending a minimum of 6 hours per week in off-the-job training. All Damar apprenticeships plan for more than the legal minimum. There is more on how we maximise the benefits of off-the-job training here:

If your annual UK wage bill is over £3 million, the cost of training can be funded via the Apprenticeship Levy. We can help you navigate your Apprenticeship Service account to access this funding. 

If your annual UK wage bill is below £3 million, the government covers 95-100% of the training costs. The level of funding available is determined by the size of your business and the age of the apprentice. 

Apprentices may progress into the DP&IG apprenticeship standard from other apprenticeships such as Business Administrator or Paralegal. Following completion of the DP&IG apprenticeship, the most likely career progression is to a Data Protection Officer role or, in a larger organisation, to a team leader or management position. 

Enrolment dates

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Our delivery model

  • Pre-work and main learning. Self-directed reading, video and interactive content relating to the module, along with experiential tasks, all delivered using our online learning platform.
  • Individual learning activity. An activity brief will be provided for the apprentice. The student will work through the activity brief, building their evidence to support the portfolio and end point assessment. Importantly, this final activity allows the apprentice to embed and contextualise their learning.
  • 1:1 Coaching visit. Every six weeks, where completed work is reviewed and, if it is to the right standard, the module is signed off. This is also an opportunity to review progress and discuss personal development with the apprentice.
Data protection apprentice
  • Review meeting. Takes place with the apprentice and their supervisor every 12 weeks, immediately after a coaching visit, providing a futher opportunity to review progress.
  • Extended workshops. Three day-long workshops, run by experienced data and information professionals, following on from modules covering related content.
  • Group coaching sessions. An opportunity for students to engage in peer-to-peer learning, guided by one of our coaches, during the modules not supported by a workshop.

End-point assessment

Two elements:
  • A work-based project report with a presentation and questions and answers with an independent end-point assessor. 
  • Professional discussion. A structured meeting, led by the independent end-point assessor and underpinned by a portfolio of evidence.

Case study

Leading the way with the Data Protection and Information Governance Practitioner apprenticeship

With data protection an ever-present concern for many organisations, we are helping employers address skills shortages though the Data Protection and Information Governance Practitioner apprenticeship. In our latest case study we caught up with Manchester Airport Group apprentice Evie Scott and her manager to get their thoughts on the programme.

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