Apprenticeships for SMEs

Damar Training work with hundreds of SMEs across England to grow with our expertly-designed apprenticeship training programmes.

Many of the employers we work with are small and medium enterprises (SMEs), non-levy organisations. With 95% – 100% of all training costs covered by government funding and additional incentive available, SMEs can benefit greatly from apprenticeship training programmes. They can:

  • Increase productivity – your apprentice will learn from your experienced team and will be able to apply the valuable skills they’ve gained through their training.
  • Tackle your skills shortage – as an employer you have an opportunity to mould the next generation of talent and develop relevant skills for the organisation, and address the skills gap. 
  • Diversify your team – Introducing an apprentice can help bring a fresh new perspective to your business, if they are an older apprentice they have a wealth of relevant skills and experience to offer.

Overview of our apprenticeship programmes

With over 40 years history in the training sector, we help SMEs by providing expertly-designed training to new and existing staff, as well as helping individuals to start and progress in their careers, supporting people to achieve their potential, now and into the future. 

We offer a range of apprenticeships with a blended training delivery model, meaning that apprentices can access learning resources 24/7, in addition to group coaching sessions and specialist workshops, and regular review visits. Find out more about the apprenticeship we offer:

The Level 2 Accounts and Finance Assistant, Level 3 Assistant Accountant and Level 4 Professional Accounting Technician Apprenticeships include the Association of Accounting Technicians’ AAT accountancy qualifications.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our accountanting apprenticeships. 

We successfully deliver the Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship standard to hundreds of newly recruited apprentices and existing staff across England every year.

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The Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship can be used to train new recruits or upskill existing staff, to help you deliver high quality service to your customers and clients. Our customer service training is flexible to suit the needs of your business.

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We have now developed our training programme for the new data protection and information governance apprenticeship standard. Our first apprentices started on this qualification in October 2022. The materials and syllabus for this apprenticeship were designed in partnership with employers and leading data protection specialists, Act Now Training Limited. Typical job roles which are suitable for this apprenticeship include: data protection lead, data protection manager, information compliance officer, information governance lead, and privacy officer

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Leadership and Management Apprenticeships help to build interpersonal and business skills, for experienced and newly appointed managers and supervisors. The training allows individuals to gain a recognised qualification, as well as benefit their teams and the overall business operation.

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Paralegal apprentices play a vital role in many law firms and in-house teams, supporting qualified lawyers and advising on routine matters.

This apprenticeship is a perfect entry point for apprentices new to legal services post-A levels or those joining the sector later in their careers. Combined with our solicitor apprenticeship it can be used as the first step on the path to qualification as a solicitor.

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We are one of the few providers in the country to offer the Level 3 Travel Consultant Apprenticeship standard to newly recruited and existing members of staff in travel agencies across England.

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Our solicitor apprenticeships bring together Damar’s longstanding expertise in legal apprenticeships with the technical expertise of BARBRI, a global leader in vocational legal education. Built to meet the needs of legal services employers and their teams, our programmes provide a route to qualification for paralegals, including former paralegal apprentices, and new or existing colleagues with some prior legal qualifications or experience. 

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Contact our SME specialists for further information, support and guidance.

Are you wanting to find out more about our apprenticeship offering? Or are you interested in taking on an apprentice? 

We can work with you to help recruit apprentices or help upskill your existing workforce and provide your organisation with the skills you need to support you in achieving your goals.

Fill out your details in the attached form and our specialist SME Business Development Executives will get in touch with you.

Government contribution towards an apprenticeship

If your organisation has an annual wage bill which is less than £3 million, you are a non-levy employer. This means you fall into co-investment funding of the apprenticeship. The government will provide 95% – 100% of the cost of the apprenticeship.

If you are an organisation with fewer than 50 employees and you employ an apprentice between 16–18 years old, the government will fund 100% of the cost of the apprenticeship. An additional £1000 cash incentive is also available to you if your apprentice is between 16–18 years old.

For any apprentices who are 19 years old and above you will receive 95% of funding and you will be required to contribute the remaining 5% towards to cost of the apprenticeship. If your annual wage bill is more than £3 million pounds you will receive 100%. 

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