How to prepare for end-point assessment

End-point assessment (EPA) is an independent assessment that takes place of the end of the apprenticeship training. All apprentices must complete an EPA to complete their qualification.

The EPA is your opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have learnt to an external assessor. Appointed by the Institute of Apprenticeships, the end-point assessment organisation will carry out a final, independent review of the apprentice’s competence. Each apprenticeship has a slightly different end-point assessment but, in my cases, it includes:

  • A test (often online)
  • A review of the portfolio
  • An interview

It is extremely important that you are aware of the format of your EPA. You should feel confident in the process, the format and what you are expected to demonstrate. It is also important that you understand the way you will be marked. This will allow you to achieve the best possible grade. If you have any questions regarding these please get in touch and we can discuss each qualification in more detail.

As you start preparing for your EPA it may feel overwhelming. Rather than thinking of it as an assessment, think of it as an opportunity to share all the skills and knowledge you have learnt over the duration of your apprenticeship. It is an opportunity for you to showcase what you can do.

Below are five tips to help you prepare for EPA:

  • Talk to your employer/coach – Before your EPA, speak to your employer/coach about any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to provide as much support as possible.
  • Use your own experiences – During your EPA the main objective is to demonstrate that you have gained the required skills, knowledge, and behaviours. When answering questions provide examples based on your own experiences. This will allow the assessor to see how you have put the skills you have learnt into practice.
  • Keep all your work up to date – Ensure your portfolio is up to date and you are confident that the information you are providing is relevant.
  • Practice – Complete mock assessments with your coach and employer. Not only will this allow you to get an idea of what to expect, it will allow you to get feedback and see the areas you can improve.
  • Don’t panic – Of course EPA can be overwhelming but remember assessors do understand the pressure you are under. Don’t be worried if you need to stop and take a moment. Just be clear with the assessor and if you are unsure of anything then ask them to clarify.

If you would like to discuss end point assessment in more detail, please get in touch with our team via email:

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