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Paralegal Apprenticeships

Paralegal apprenticeships can bring many benefits to law firms and in-house legal teams.

Here are some quotes from a few of our partner-employers about the impact that paralegal apprenticeships and Damar Training are having on their organisation.

To find out more about our paralegal apprenticeships for new or existing members of your team, see our paralegal page.

Lynette Smith, Senior Learning & Development Business Partner at Brabners, said:

“The paralegal apprenticeship provides a culture of learning and development for our ambitious colleagues and promotes progression in our organisation. It allows us to retain talent and supports one of our values – making the difference for our colleagues.

“Damar Training are incredibly supportive in their approach, offering advice and guidance to everyone involved in the apprentices’ journey. The O-shaped content supports today’s paralegals and the challenges they face. It encourages ambition and a growth mindset, allowing apprentices to take ownership of their development and build skills for life.” 

Jane Cordner, Head of HR and Operations at Blanchards Bailey LLP, said:

“We have been delighted to witness the increase in our apprentices’ knowledge, which they have been able to apply to their work in order to improve their productivity and effectiveness. It has ultimately led us, as a business, to build a strong reputation for investing in our staff and allowed us to attract and retain good quality staff in a competitive recruitment market.

“Each apprentice is given their own personal Damar coach to oversee their progress through their studies and the flexibility offered in terms of dates and modes of delivery has been particularly beneficial to those who have needed to balance a wide range of work, personal and study responsibilities.”  

Emma Harrison, Learning & Development Manager at Lanyon Bowdler, said:

“The service provided by Damar has been faultless. The team guided us through the process of recruitment and the structure of the apprenticeship, enabling the recruitment of excellent candidates.

“The structure of the programme supports the development of the whole person (not just legal knowledge) and gives apprentices enough time around the core modules to develop a thorough understanding of aspects of law.

“I am also pleased that the programme includes O-shaped content as this was something that I have been interested in as a development point for the firm.

“We are about to embark on the solicitor apprenticeship programme and I have no doubt that the support from Damar will be in the same league as our previous experience. I look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship in the years to come.”

Samantha Burrows, Senior Associate at Aconveyancing, said:

“We have been able to create a team of apprentices with varying levels of experience that can support the company as they work through the apprenticeship.  This supports other team members to be more productive; transactions get dealt with quicker which results in happy clients, recommendations, and positive industry reviews.

“When we originally started working with Damar, we received guidance on how to work with our apprentices. Damar assisted us with the recruitment process and then, as the apprenticeship progressed, we have been supported to facilitate the correct in-house training and off-the-job study time.”

Kellie Wiggins at Carpenters Group said:

“The apprenticeship gives us the opportunity to train candidates in way that is suitable to the business. The apprentice on my team has stayed with Carpenters Group and has developed from administrator up to a litigation case handler, dealing with all aspects of cases within her case load.

“The support from Damar enabled our apprentice to learn on a step-by-step basis, without getting overwhelmed. We were able to be flexible with the apprenticeship, meaning that the apprentice got the necessary learning time but was also still able to perform in her role as the business required.”