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Amy Yates – Legal Admin Apprentice

Amy Yates, Legal Admin Apprentice, talks to us about her apprenticeship experience.

What is your job title?

Legal Administrator.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

University didn’t interest me as I preferred to start working and earning money whilst learning on the job.

What sort of activities did you do in your role whilst you were on the apprenticeship?

Learnt how to write a will and prepare other legal documents such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, as well as plenty of admin tasks such as writing letters to clients.

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship?

Developing my legal skills and feeling that I am getting somewhere with perusing my career in the legal sector.

How was your training with Damar?

Amazing, I had Calay train me and I couldn’t recommend her enough! She was amazing and helped me through everything.

What do you think your biggest achievement has been as an apprentice?

Opening up and developing my skills within the legal sector, allowing me to blossom.

What do you think you have contributed to your organisation during your apprenticeship?

Lots, I am now an administrator for three people so I handle a huge amount of work on a daily basis and it is important that this work is completed to a high standard to help the business keep afloat.

What are your career plans now you’ve finish your apprenticeship?

I am planning on going straight onto the paralegal course to develop my skills and knowledge even further.