Natalie Sheer

Natalie Sheer – Apprentice Supervisor

Natalie works at Catalyst as General Counsel – Property and is the line manager of Beth, Paralegal Apprentice. Natalie was the winner of Damar’s Supervisor of the Month in October 2021.

How will this apprenticeship impact the wider team / organisation?

At the moment Beth is already acting up into the role we hope she will be able to take on in the future. Prior to her apprenticeship I don’t think Beth would have had the confidence to do that.  She is now a well-regarded member of the Legal Services Team and is benefitting the business as a whole in numerous ways with her newfound confidence and skills.

How have you supported Beth to help get the most out of her apprenticeship?

I made it clear to Beth at the beginning that this was her apprenticeship and that she needed to take responsibility for her own time management, booking of meetings and getting the module work completed and submitted on time. I have ensured that she has had the relevant time off to enable her to do that and we meet regularly to go through her upcoming modules so that I can assess what work she needs to do to support her learning and provide practical examples and current casework for that.

What has been your experience of working with Damar as the apprenticeship training provider?

Damar were very professional from the outset with a clear structure, system, and tutor support in place. I would happily recommend them to the organisation and to any other apprentices looking for a training provider.

What did it mean to you to win Damar’s Supervisor of the Month?

It was really lovely to be recognised for supporting your apprentice.  Beth has made that very easy as she is so organised and dedicated but it was nice that they recognised how well we have worked as a team.