Taking on extra reponsibilities at work

Once you are confident within your role and feel like you are ready to push yourself, it is a great opportunity to take on more responsibilities which will support your professional and personal development. Here are a few tips when looking to take on more responsibilities. 

  • Ensure you have time – you don’t want to take on too much at once, so ensure you have time in your schedule to take on additional duties. Ensure you are being realistic with your time. 
  • Speak to your manager – explain that you feel you could take on more duties and ask if there are any additional projects you may be able to support.
  • Volunteer when somebody asks – there may be opportunities to volunteer for extra work/projects. Don’t be afraid to offer to volunteer even if you don’t have experience with that task. This will allow you to try new things without committing to it long term.
  • Start off small – it’s great that you are keen to take on more responsibilities but consider starting off small: offer to support with smaller tasks first and once you feel comfortable you can then offer to get involved with larger projects.
  • Be proactive – sometimes you don’t have to wait for somebody to give you a project to support you; ask colleagues if they need any assistance. Try to identify tasks that you may be able to support.

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