Why you should employ an apprentice?

Apprenticeships allow you to develop talent across the business, developing individuals into highly skilled members of staff that can add value to the business. Apprenticeships suit all stages of career development from school and college leavers to professionals.

Having an apprentice will allow you to address and close any skills gaps quickly through on the job training. You can boost the skills of your staff to increase productivity and improve business performance.

Below are a few key benefits to taking on an apprentice;

  • Train and retain talent
  • Close skills gaps
  • Staff to meet your needs
  • Increase productivity
  • Save on the cost of recruitment
  • Secure the best new talent

Employer responsibilities

As an employer what are my responsibilities?

As an employer you are responsible for making sure your apprentice

  • Works with experienced staff
  • Ensure the apprentice is allowed the allocated time to complete their training each week
  • Ensure the apprentices contract allows enough time for them to complete the apprenticeship
  • Support the apprentice to gain new skills, knowledge and behaviours to complete the apprenticeship
  • Ensure the apprentice receives the same benefits as other employees
  • Apprentices must be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week or extend the duration of the apprenticeship

As a line manager what are my responsibilities?

  • Managing the apprentice
  • Take part in the onboarding process
  • Agree an action place with the apprentice
  • Give feedback to the apprentice – As a line manager you should regularly provide feedback to the apprentice on their performance within the role
  • Monitor progress
  • Attend reviews with the apprentices coach

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