Damar Training Ofsted Inspection

Damar Training had a full Ofsted inspection from 14th – 17th March 2023. Over four days, a team of eight inspectors surveyed our apprentices, partner-employers and colleagues. They carried out dozens of interviews, reviewed apprentices’ work and considered a wide range of documentary and other evidence.

The report (available here) distils that work into just over three pages and concludes that Damar’s overall effectiveness is good in all areas.

Some quotes from the report are set out below:

“Apprentices find Damar a great place to learn. Apprentices describe their coaches as kind, helpful and very knowledgeable. They appreciate how responsive their coaches are to any queries that they have. Apprentices welcome the range of resources and materials that they have access to online.”

“Employers appreciate the skills that apprentices bring to their business.”

“Leaders and managers have selected suitably ambitious curriculums that meet the needs of apprentices and their employers”

“Directors, leaders and managers are aspirational for their apprentices. Apprentices enjoy a high-quality education in a caring and supportive culture.”

“Apprentices behave respectfully and professionally… they dress appropriately with their cameras and microphones on whilst listening actively to others’ contributions.”

“Apprentices feel safe.”

Jonathan Bourne, Damar’s managing director, commented:

“My fellow directors and I are incredibly proud of our team at Damar and the work they have done, particularly since Covid, in developing our provision. Our thanks go to all those apprentices, employers and team members who fed in, directly or indirectly, to the inspection process. This report is a vote of confidence in you. Thank you.

The report mentions our ambition for apprentices. Our ambition extends equally to our colleagues and partner-employers. We want to be the best provider in our chosen markets, using high quality apprenticeships to develop skills, improve lives and improve organisational effectiveness.

The report will spur us on to make further improvements and become a provider that is not just good but is one that makes an outstanding contribution to the apprenticeships landscape in England.”

If you are as ambitious and enthusiastic about apprenticeships as we are – whether for yourself, or for your organisation – we would love to hear from you. Call us on: 0161 480 8171 or email us at: info@damartraining.com