Horwich Cohen Coghlan (HCC) have been working alongside Damar Training since 2010 and during this time, 30+ apprentices have been appointed and shown great benefit to the firm. HCC have employed apprentices in customer service, paralegal, business administration and accounting.

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HCC Solicitors

Damar has a close working relationship with the company’s HR department that enables a strong development of apprentices. HCC have a fondness for the personal aspect of the apprenticeship programs’ trainers who work to develop strong working relationships with each learner and are responsive to their needs.

About HCC

Horwich Cohen Coghlan is a Specialist Serious Injury law firm set in the heart of Manchester City Centre. We employ just over 250 staff between HCC and our ABS 1st Central Law. HCC represents both Claimant and Defendant cases for MOJ, Fast Track and Major Trauma cases. The core values are centered in our traditional values and methodology. HCC have received numerous accreditations including the most recent award; ‘Claimants Law Firm of the Year’.

How have your apprentices progressed in their roles and how has HCC benefitted from their performance?

Since 2015, over 70% of our apprentices have progressed into either higher-level apprenticeships or full-time positions; a large percentage have achieved high passing grades in their exams and even obtained Level 7 Apprenticeships. HCC have greatly benefitted from the continual succession of “home grown” talent and the ability to upskill our existing workforce.

How has the qualification and training delivery been of benefit to your apprentices and how has this impacted your business?

HCC have been notably impressed with the quality of the delivery methods to our apprentices. Monthly visits and progress checks, coupled with a bespoke cloud-based learning platform, helps to keep learners motivated and enables supervisors and apprentices to monitor their progress. The qualifications allow apprenticeships to develop their academic knowledge, which aids their comprehension of their work.

What future plans do you have for your apprentices and how do you feel the training may support their future development?

We are committed to working with Damar to develop our programs, both at level 2 through to Level 7. We will continue to develop our Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship delivery through additional training sessions focusing on SRA Competencies combined with more tailored standards to ensure a high level of training and support.

What advice would you give to other employers thinking about taking on an apprentice?

What are you waiting for?! Go for it!

Work with your Business Development Manager to review the standards and tailor your program specifically to your company’s available roles – this will get the best from the course.

Put in place an apprentice mentor as it will help foster an inclusive workplace environment and provide the apprentice access to a dedicated office-based employee who can schedule in regular meetings to discuss the progress and deliver vital feedback.

What in particular has stood out as being exceptional about your apprentices or has added value to the team?

Watching the enthusiasm and ambition that the apprenticeships have brought to their teams has created a more positive atmosphere. They continually challenge themselves to be better and this has a huge effect on raising the overall standards of their colleagues.