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Infinity Finance

Infinity Finance based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, specialise in offering affordable finance options to vehicles purchased by their customers in the UK and Northern Ireland. Faye Burns, Office Manager, is passionate about seeing people develop within the business. She believes an apprenticeship is a great way of helping a person develop the necessary skills they need to have a successful career.

Evan Fowler, a member of her team, has recently completed his Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship. At the start of his apprenticeship the Damar coach, Louise Morley, and Faye identified that Evan would need some extra support due to his additional learning needs. Faye decided to give her apprentice additional time to focus on his apprenticeship work, she attended additional catch-up meetings and supported Evan in managing his workload. This proved to be instrumental in Evan achieving a Distinction in his apprenticeship.

Read our latest case study where we asked Faye some questions about here apprentices’ development, her experience with Damar and what advice she’d give other employers who are thinking of offering apprenticeships.

How have your apprentice(s) progressed in their role(s) and how has your organisation benefitted from their performance?

Evan has done really well in his role and is a lot more confident. Throughout the apprenticeship we saw his confidence and personality grow, he is more outgoing and is not afraid to talk to customers or people within the office. His attitude and approach to work is great, he works a lot more efficiently and I am really proud of how much he has achieved.

How has Damar’s approach to training benefitted your apprentice(s) and your business?

The Damar Coach, Louise, really helped Evan throughout his apprenticeship. Early on in his apprenticeship we had a conversation as we knew some additional steps would need to be put in place to support Evan. As an employer I felt it was right to give him additional time to focus on his apprenticeship work and make sure he kept on track with it.

Louise was incredibly supportive and would give Evan the confidence he needed to help him see that he can achieve something if he puts his mind to it. She really helped break down tasks and assignments, providing him with positive encouragement when he needed it. I feel the support and encouragement has gone a long way in enabling Evan’s personal development.

What future plans do you have for your apprentice(s) and how do you feel the training may support their future development?

I feel all the skills and knowledge Evan has learnt throughout the apprenticeship will go a long way in his career development.

The apprenticeship has given him the knowledge of the internal aspects of the business, how things work and why things need to be done in a certain way. I can see Evan becoming an integral part of the business and its success in the years to come.  

What advice would you give to other employers thinking about taking on an apprentice?

I would 100% recommend taking on an apprentice within your business as it will give them a great insight into an industry or role. It is hugely beneficial as an employer as you are able to help support someone’s career development allowing them to understand how processes and functions operate to support a business.

What in particular has stood out as being exceptional about your apprentice(s) or has added value to the team?

The biggest aspect that has stood for me is seeing Evans confidence grow. Having completed the apprenticeship it has really spurred him on his role whereby he is constantly looking at ways in which to be more efficient. He now has the confidence to bring forward new ideas and is happy to suggest ways in which we can improve the processes within the business to supports our customers.

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