Apprentice Taylor Meakin

Damar Training’s Business Admin Apprentice, Taylor Meakin, tells us what it has been like for her during lockdown.

How has being furloughed and on lockdown been? 

Being furloughed has been very strange, I have missed work and my usual routine. Lockdown has had its challenges, however, I have really enjoyed spending quality time with my family.

Do you think being furloughed is different for an apprentice?

I think being furloughed has been different for me as an apprentice as I have had apprenticeship work to focus on during the period in which I haven’t been working. This has been great as it has given me a project to put all of my time and effort into. I’m glad I’ve had this time to focus solely on my apprenticeship work. 

How much apprenticeship study have you been able to do?

I have been able to get through a lot of apprenticeship work. Having this time to focus on my studies has been really useful and I feel this will be beneficial in long run. 

What sort of apprenticeship study have you done?

I have been completing the tasks set by my trainers, before lockdown began, which involve collecting evidence to put into my portfolio. I have also been completing the working differently programme which consists of information packages, activities and quizzes based on the apprenticeship criteria.

Do you think doing this study has benefitted you?

I think this work has really benefited me as it has given me tasks which have allowed me to revisit and revise topics which I will be tested on at the end of my apprenticeship. It has also allowed me to get an insight into other topics which I will cover in the future with my trainer. 

What are you looking forward to most about coming out of lockdown?

I’m really looking forward to seeing family, friends and colleagues. I’m excited to get back to work and to continue my apprenticeship and complete my business administration qualification with Damar.