More tips when applying for apprenticeships vacancies

tips for apprenticeships

Many employers offer apprenticeship vacancies, from large organisations to small businesses, so when you are applying an apprenticeship opportunity it’s important to consider your career options to ensure you’re making an informed decision.

In this blog Sabina Adam and Hannah Bennett outline some additional tips you may want to consider when applying for apprenticeship vacancies.

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Search for vacancies

If you’re getting ready to leave school or college, you may have a careers adviser that you can get in touch with who can offer you advice and support on how to search for apprenticeship vacancies.

You can also find adverts for apprenticeships on your college website or training provider websites such as ours. We would also advise you to take a look at the “Get My First job” website and the Government’s “Find An Apprenticeship” website for apprenticeships opportunities.

Take your time when completing your application

This is something we have mentioned in a previous blog but it needs reiterating! It’s obvious when someone has rushed through an application – there’s a lot of errors, answers are vague or too short, and the application contains irrelevant information. Take the time to understand the role and responsibilities in the vacancy so that you can demonstrate how you meet these requirements.

Make sure you research the role

Make sure that you understand the apprenticeship vacancy and have a read through the main duties and responsibilities section. When you are completing your application ensure it matches the person specification and highlights your abilities.

Research about organisation and their industry

Research the company so that you know their history, core values, mission statement and objectives. Finding out information like this will enhance your understanding of the organisation and will also give you confidence in the interview process when answering questions about the company.

Tip: Register to news notification and alerts on the industry that the company operate in, and don’t be afraid to bring these up and discuss them in your interview, it shows you’ve done your research!

Keep your application short and to the point

It is easy to get carried away when typing but you don’t want a potential employer to lose interest in your application. Make sure you keep sentences clear and concise as possible. 

Are you interested in applying for an apprentice vacancy? Visit the Damar Training apprenticeship vacancy page or for advice and guidance on your application, give our Recruitment Team a call on 0161 480 8171.