Apprentice Champion – Suzanne Campbell

Apprentice champion

Congratulations to Suzanne, winner of this quarter’s Apprentice Champion Award at Damar Training.

Suzanne is a team leader apprentice at Wigan Council and was nominated by her Damar coach, Katie Davies, with input from her line manager, Julie Ainsworth.

Every quarter, Damar coaches have the opportunity to nominate apprentices for their outstanding apprenticeship work and the impact they have had. This is part of our aim to celebrate apprentice achievement and to recognise the value that apprentices bring to their employer organisation.

During the online presentation of the award, Nic Fletcher, Damar Divisional Manager talked about the two stand-out features of Suzanne’s nomination: the way in which she has integrated her apprenticeship into her day-to-day role, and the impact that she has had on the council.

In the nomination, coach Katie said:

“Suzanne looks at the training plan with a holistic approach, ensuring that the tasks she is completing as part of her role fit into the apprenticeship. I love hearing about the parts of the modules and workshops that Suzanne has enjoyed, how she has been able to apply what she has learnt to her role and the positive outcome this has had.”

Suzanne’s manager, Julie said:

“She is always looking for ways to make improvements, whether that’s with internal processes or council-wide changes. Although Suzanne was already good at utilising the Wigan Council behaviours, the apprenticeship has sharpened this to ensure that they are always at the forefront of her daily conduct, driving changes and efficiencies.”

Emlyn Wright, Service Lead – Standards and Learning at Wigan Council, added:

“Suzanne is always seeking out opportunities to learn. She has come to some of our strategic meetings, where she not only attended, but made valuable contributions. The functioning of Suzanne’s team is so much better. We can really see things happening as a direct result of the apprenticeship.”

Nominating apprentices for future awards

Employers now also have the opportunity to nominate Damar apprentices for these awards.

If you have an apprentice in your team or organisation who is making a real difference, please complete our short nomination form, which will be considered by our panel for next quarter’s award.