The benefits of accounting apprenticeships

Benefits of accounting apprenticeships

There are many benefits to offering accounting apprenticeships within your team or business.

Here are just some of the ways in which our partner-employers have told us that Damar accounting apprentices improve and transform their organisations.


Government research indicates that 78% of employers report an improvement in productivity as a result of using apprenticeship training for new or existing members of staff.

Sasha Ivanova at NEC Europe told us:

“Our accounting apprentices have significantly enhanced our organisation’s productivity by providing fresh perspectives and dedicated support to our financial operations, and contributing to improved accuracy and streamlined processes.”

And Claire Dowd, Finance Operations Assistant at Pinsent Masons said:

“The accounting apprentices at Pinsent Masons provide invaluable day-to-day support to our teams. After completing each AAT module the apprentices use and build upon their learning, which adds immediate value to our business.”

Efficiencies and ways of working

One of the stand-out ways in which apprentices improve productivity is through the efficiencies and process-improvements they bring to the organisation.

Samantha Nelmes, Director at LilyIris Accounting told us:

“Our accounting apprentices add value to our team by looking at tasks and seeing if there are more efficient ways to do something. They challenge the processes we have and the way we work.”

And Sasha Ivanova at NEC Europe said:

“They have demonstrated an invaluable contribution to our organisation through their strong IT skills, enabling us to automate and optimise financial processes. Their active involvement in the implementation of a new financial system has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth business transition.”

Management support

Another way in which apprentices improve productivity is by taking on lower level tasks, freeing up time for management to undertake more strategic activities.

Amy Sildatki, Client Manager at R.F. Miller & Co told us:

“Our accounting apprentice has added so much value to our whole team since she joined the office. She puts into practice everything she has learned on her course and continues to be inquisitive and eager to improve her working practices, all whilst she provides impeccable support to other members of staff.”

And Samantha Nelmes, Director at LilyIris Accounting said:

“If I reference the apprentice who has been with us for over 2 years, she has completed her level 2 apprenticeship and is now doing her level 3. Throughout her apprenticeship journey she has learnt a lot of new skills and, as an employer, it is great to see her confidence grow with each task she does. She has now taken responsibility for all the self-assessment reports within the organisation.”

Future-proofing and progression

Finally, accounting apprenticeships are a great way to future-proof accountancy teams and businesses, ensuring that they have the skills they need now and into the future.

Toni Carter, Apprenticeship and Raising Participation Co-Ordinator at Rochdale Borough Council told us:

“At Rochdale Borough Council we believe apprentices are the future of our workforce so we commit to recruiting, inducting, supporting and celebrating all the apprentices that join us.”

And Claire Dowd, Finance Operations Assistant at Pinsent Masons said:

“The experience gained with these apprenticeships allow for future progression within our firm and they are helping to shape our future workforce.”

Damar Training: Maximising the benefits of accounting apprenticeships

At Damar, everything we do is designed to drive impact and create real long-term value for organisations.

The key features of our accounting apprenticeships include:

  • Regular sessions with Damar coaches and with AAT accounting specialist trainers
  • Delivery tailored for individual and organisational needs
  • High quality online training resources, which can be accessed anytime
  • Easy progression and open communication lines.

Below are some quotes from our employers about how Damar have supported their accounting apprenticeship programmes.

Samantha Nelmes, Director at LilyIris Accounting:

“What I really admire about Damar and their approach to apprenticeships is the visibility you get as an employer. Their systems allow me to understand how my apprentices are progressing and I have access to the training plan so I can understand the structure of the apprenticeship, allowing me to manage the practical aspect of their jobs. I have a 6 weekly review meeting with the Damar coach and each apprentice where we can discuss modules, work and results, updates and how I can support them as an employer.”

Toni Carter, Apprenticeship and Raising Participation Co-Ordinator at Rochdale Borough Council:

“Damar have always offered a flexible and supportive approach to our accounting apprenticeship programme, including supporting our specialised induction week, and offering bespoke learning options and intensive tutoring that sees apprentices take on a journey of real value and learning via our partnership working.”

Amy Sildatki, Client Manager at R.F. Miller & Co:

“Damar have been a real asset in supporting and encouraging our apprentice and we have found that the communication, help and advice have been second-to-none. We are fully informed of her progress at all stages of her apprenticeship, meaning a completely fluid relationship between Damar as a training provider and us as an employer. We really couldn’t ask for anymore!”

Claire Dowd, Finance Operations Assistant at Pinsent Masons:

“Our experience with Damar is that they are supportive, helpful and reliable. They take care of everything and they do it really well. This allows us to concentrate on investing in the apprentices and their development within our business.”

Sasha Ivanova at NEC Europe:

“Damar’s approach to accounting apprenticeships offers structure and support, making it easier for both apprentices and employers to track progress whilst ensuring steady advancement and skill development within our organisation.”

To find out more about accounting apprenticeships for your team or business, visit our accounting webpage or get in touch.