Amy Murphy – Paralegal Apprentice

Paralegal Apprentice, Amy Murphy, has provided us with this case study.

What is your job title?


Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I have always wanted to pursue a career in law and I am especially interested in family law. I decided to do an apprenticeship so that I could gain a qualification and progress my career whilst earning a wage. I found this route, as oppose to going to university, more suitable for my family commitments.

What sort of activities do you do in your role?

I work alongside my supervising solicitor, dealing with public law matters relating to families who are involved with children’s services.   I generally assist the solicitor by corresponding with other parties, updating clients, preparing briefs to counsel and preparing court bundles.  I also assist barristers at court when required.

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship so far?

I have enjoyed learning about the area of law that I work in and working to reach my goal. I have also enjoyed the online workshops and being able to interact with others on the course.

How have you found your training with Damar?

My trainers at Damar are very helpful and supportive. I have found them to be very approachable and always answer any questions that I may have.

What do you think your biggest achievement so far has been as an apprentice?

My biggest achievement so far during my apprenticeship has been passing my exams in June with a distinction in family law and a merit in family practice.

What do you think you’ve contributed to Forbes during your apprenticeship so far?

I think my apprenticeship has provided me with a better understanding and wider knowledge in relation to the area of law that I work in. This has assisted me whilst working alongside the solicitors. I have continued to meet my targets each month whilst still being able to keep on top of my studies.

What are your plans after you complete your apprenticeship?

My level 6 apprenticeship has now been approved and I am due to start this shortly as my career goal is to become a qualified Chartered Legal Executive, specialising in family law.