Charlotte Danford – Medical Admin Apprentice

Charlotte is a medical secretary within East Cheshire NHS Trust. She recently achieved a distinction grade in her business administrator apprenticeship.

How has the apprenticeship impacted on you?

I have been aiming to further my career in the NHS for a while now, and completing the apprenticeship has allowed me to do that. I’ve gained more confidence in my existing skills and learned new ones, and I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity. 

How will the apprenticeship training continue to impact on you in the future?

It has broadened my horizons in terms of administrative work within the Trust, and the knowledge gained will stay with me for years to come. 

How has the apprenticeship impacted on your organisation?

The apprenticeship has allowed me to transition away from a medical secretary role into one in project management. Without the apprenticeship, I would not have had the skills necessary to make this move. The Trust has therefore gained an skilled member of staff to fill vacancies further up the job tree. 

How has Damar’s approach to training contributed to the impact of the apprenticeship on you and your organisation?

I liked the online nature of the course with the easy-to-use OneFile access alongside Damar OpenLearning. This has allowed me to study anywhere at any time, using only my iPad to study, attend meetings and complete assignments.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do this apprenticeship to further my career whilst simultaneously earning a full wage and being given the time to study alongside it. 

What activities do you do in your day-to-day role?

As a medical secretary, I create clinical correspondence for consultants, liaise with patients by phone, email and post, manage the diaries and commitments of consultants, type minutes and create agendas for departmental meetings, organise the distribution of case notes, and assist in patient pathways. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working with my colleagues in a large team, the variety of working in lots of different departments, and the Trust’s willingness to enable colleagues to progress. 

What are your future career plans?

I have been successful in obtaining a band 5 role in strategic planning, which is a step I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the apprenticeship. I will be starting this new role in May this year. I am to keep progress and learn new skills at the Trust in the years to come.