Joseph Henshaw – Medical Admin Apprentice

“The apprenticeship training will continue to impact me every day at work.”


Joseph is a Medical Education Administrator Apprentice at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

How has the apprenticeship impacted on you?

This apprenticeship has been a great experience for me within a role that I didn’t know anything about. Since starting my apprenticeship I have become more confident  communicating with different people within my job role and I have been able to transfer the skills I have gained from my apprenticeship over into my role.

How will the apprenticeship training continue to impact on you in the future?

The apprenticeship training will continue to impact me every day at work. Any of the work I do on a daily basis will involve the skills I have improved on throughout my apprenticeship and I do intend on carrying on improving these skills further.

How has the apprenticeship impacted on your organisation?

The apprenticeship would have impacted The Christie because throughout my time at the trust I have had the opportunity to gain the skills I would need to excel within my role.  

How has Damar’s approach to training contributed to the impact of the apprenticeship on you and your organisation?

I have found Damar’s approach to training very useful and extremely straightforward. If there was ever anything that I needed to be further explained, I was able to contact my coach very easily. I particularly thought that the support was great towards the end of the apprenticeship. My coach was always available to give me any advice that I needed and would take the time to give me specific feedback on my work which I found extremely useful.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I decided that an apprenticeship would really suit me because this role has been my first job within an office, so it has been very useful to have the time out to gain the skills I need within my role through my apprenticeship but I have also had the experience of working within a workplace. Overall I think this was a great opportunity and I am glad I took it.

What activities do you do in your day-to-day role?

I am responsible for a lot of the admin work within the postgraduate side of medical education, including organising teaching sessions, coordinating and running medical inductions and organising the local induction for the doctors.  

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I find my role very interesting. I feel like I am gaining so much knowledge about a subject I knew nothing about before so to learn more and more is incredibly interesting. Another thing I do enjoy about my role is that I have been able to become more confident. It is always a good feeling when you know that you can rely on your team and that they know they can rely on you.

What are your future career plans?

At this moment in time my career plan is to stick within my role I have within medical education. I would like to take the skills I have already developed and try to excel within the role.