Big or small business: Which is right for you

When looking for an apprenticeship it is important to consider the business you are applying to work for. Does the organisation support your career goals, work style, team dynamic and culture? Finding out as much as possible about the organisation will allow you to get a feel for their values and plans.

It is worth considering both the advantages and disadvantages of working for a big and small business.

Why a small business might be the right option for you

  • You’re looking for a close-knit team
  • You want a varied role
  • You want your successes to be noticed
  • Greater involvement.

Why a small business might not be the right option for you

  • You like being around lots of people
  • You want to stick to a clear routine
  • Specialising may be difficult.

Why a big business might be the right option for you

  • You’ll benefit from the brand’s reputation
  • You want to work within a clear structure
  • You are looking for a good benefits package
  • There may be a better chance of career development and opportunities.

Why a big business might not be the right option for you

  • Less creative thinking
  • You don’t want to wait around for changes to be made
  • You want to know everyone you work with
  • You’re keen on doing a bit of everything.

If you see a role you are interested in whether it be with a small or big organisation it is good practice to research the company before applying. See whether you feel the company is a good fit for your values and what you are looking for.

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