Getting a promotion during your apprenticeship

Throughout your apprenticeship you will be learning new skills both in the workplace and through your training provider. These skills are going to support you throughout your career and help you get a promotion.

Raise your profile – ensuring you deliver a good level of work is extremely important, however to help raise your profile within a workplace you can express your passion and work ethic. Volunteer for extra projects, approach your team leader about any new ideas you have that you believe will benefit the business – whether that be a completely new idea or changing a current process. Don’t be afraid to speak up during meetings if you have any ideas/suggestions etc.

Think about how you present yourself – review your communication skills, and always be professional. Consider your social media presence.

Communication – if you are looking to be promoted this may involve stepping into a more senior role and to do this you must have excellent communication skills. Spend time with people in similar roles and see how they communicate with different people.

Ask for feedback – ask your colleagues/manager for feedback. Are there any areas in which you can improve? Don’t be afraid to ask, as this could make a big difference to your career. Even the act of asking for feedback shows that you are serious about your position.

Persevere – promotions don’t happen overnight; you need to work hard and show the employer that you are ambitious and want to be successful.

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