Apprentice Toolkit

Below are a wide range of resources that will support you in your career development once you’ve started an apprenticeship.

Five tips for apprentices working from home

Click below to read a blog by Molly Cockcroft, a paralegal apprentice at Irwin Mitchell, for advice on working from home or hybrid working.

Taking on extra responsibilities at work

Find out ways in which you can take on more responsibility in the workplace to increase your knowledge and skills and progress in your career. 

Defining what success means to you

It sounds simple enough, but most people don’t know exactly how to define what success means to them. Click below to find out more.

Getting a promotion during your apprenticeship

Throughout your apprenticeship you will be learning new skills. Click below to find out how your new skills are going to support you throughout your career.

How to prepare for end-point assessment

At the end of your apprenticeship you will undertake an end-point assessment with an independent assessor. Click below for advice and guidance on how to prepare.

Understanding different departments

There are usually a number of different departments within any organisation. Find out more about these different functions by clicking the button below.

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