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Travel Apprenticeship Testimonials

The travel consultant apprenticeship was designed for people who make travel arrangements and book accommodation and other services for holidaymakers and business travelers.

The apprenticeship is of enormous benefit to companies which operate within the leisure and business travel industries.

We recently spoke to two of our travel employer-partners to ask them what impact the apprenticeship is having on their organisation.

To find out more about our travel apprenticeships for new or existing members of your team, see our travel consultant apprenticeship page.

Tracey Wilson, Operations Director at Blue Cube Corporate Travel Management, said:

“The travel apprenticeship gives our apprentices a comprehensive skill set tailored to the travel industry. This includes expertise in travel planning, customer service, logistics, and the use of booking systems. By integrating these skilled individuals into our team, we elevate the overall proficiency and efficiency of our organisation. 

“Well-trained apprentices contribute to superior customer service. Their ability to handle client requests, resolve issues promptly, and personalise travel experiences enhances customer satisfaction. 

“In addition, apprentices educated in sustainable and responsible travel practices can help our organisation implement and promote eco-friendly travel options. This not only attracts environmentally conscious travellers but also strengthens our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

“Offering apprenticeships demonstrates our commitment to career development and employee growth.  Apprenticeships contribute to a dynamic and inclusive workplace culture. The integration of enthusiastic, motivated apprentices energizes the team, promoting a collaborative and supportive environment that benefits all employees.

“I have found all of Damar’s support team to be very friendly, flexible and supportive.  We have a diverse team with different learning abilities and Damar have catered for all in a very caring and nurturing way. The coaches have been very accessible and understanding to all the students needs.  I would highly recommend any employer to use Damar.”

Vicki Nutbrown, Operations Manager at Good Travel Management, said:

“Over the years we have built up a great working relationship with Damar.  We have had some great success stories during this time with the travel consultant apprenticeship. For example, one of our travel apprentices is still working within the business seven years after joining and has now progressed to team leader level.

“The support we have received from the staff at Damar has been fantastic and we now have apprentices across the business working towards completing their apprenticeship in a mix of areas including operations, product support and admin.

“We have used the travel consultant apprenticeship to upskill existing members of the team as well as to recruit fresh talent into the business. The apprenticeship provides them with a solid understanding of the travel industry and develops their customer service skills, enabling them to become productive and valued members of our team.”  

Laurie Allison, Manager at Worldchoice Travel told us:

“The apprenticeship gives us the opportunity to train each candidate and mould them to match our business needs. Damar have been very approachable and supportive to our apprentice when help and support was needed. The structure and the programme has enabled our apprentice to learn on a step-by-step basis without getting too overwhelmed.”