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Lucy Bell – Legal Admin Apprentice

Lucy Bell is a Legal Admin Apprentice at law firm, Sutherland & Co Law.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

After I finished my education I was eager to enter the workplace, start earning a wage and gaining my independence, however I was looking to begin a career to improve my future prospects and not just a job. For this reason an apprenticeship was ideal as it provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to progress into a career while gaining experience within the workplace.

What particularly appealed to you about the business admin apprenticeship with Sutherland and Co?

I had an interest in the legal profession and had experience doing administration work from my previous employment which I had enjoyed. Sutherland and Co had expressed that they were looking for apprentices wanting to progress their career in the legal profession and I felt they were willing to invest in me and allow me to progress through the business upon completion of my apprenticeship. This appealed to me as I will be gaining a qualification I can carry with me through my career while gaining experience in the field I am interested in.

What do you hope to achieve with your apprenticeship?

I hope that I can complete my qualification to the best of my ability and receive a distinction grade on my final assessment. Further from this, I hope I gain the skills necessary to progress my career in the legal profession and I aim to work towards becoming a paralegal after my apprenticeship has concluded. I also hope that my qualification can be transferrable into a number of different roles as I progress through my career.

What do your parents think about you doing an apprenticeship?

At first my Mum was apprehensive as she wanted me to pursue my A-Levels and go to university like she had. However, after looking into the career prospects that can be achieved through an apprenticeship, she was excited for me and saw that a prosperous career can be achieved through an apprenticeship.

How was your first week?

I have enjoyed my first week. I have been training to learn the skills I need to perform my job role well and it feels good to be in a position where I know I am working towards a goal for the future. Everyone has been very welcoming and I feel I am being supported in my role.