10 questions to ask at an interview

How does the company measure success for this role?

  • This will allow you to assess whether the company’s values and goals align with your own goals.
  • Understanding how success is defined allows you to see what the company’s expectations are for this role.

What is the company/team culture like?

  • Understanding the company/team culture will help you determine whether you would be a good fit for the team.

Does the company offer any career development opportunities?

  • Asking about development opportunities demonstrates to the interviewer that you’re serious about your career and committed to a future with the organisation.
  • It also allows you to assess whether the organisation will support your goals to develop in the future.

What is your favourite part of working here?

  • This will allow you to get an insider’s view of the company culture and the working environment. You may get to discover how your interviewer got their start in the business and how they have progressed.

What kind of challenges can I expect in this role?

  • This will allow you to demonstrate your problem-solving skills by offering potential solutions or strategies.
  • You can also get a better understanding of the problems that the teams face and whether you believe you could overcome them.

What is the training process like for this role?

  • By understanding the training that the organisation offers it will allow you to understand how you would be supported when you start, as well as the ongoing support/training you would receive.

How could I impress you in the first three months if successful?  

  • This is a good question to ask at the end of a job interview because it shows you’re eager to make a positive contribution to the organisation.
  • Pay attention to the interviews response as it will tell you how they want you to perform and will highlight areas you should focus on.

Can you explain what the daily tasks look like in this role?

  • This will help you understand in more detail your responsibilities within the role and prepares you for what to expect.
  • It will also allow you to see if you believe you have the right skills to support with these duties.

How does the company support work-life balance for its employees?

  • This question demonstrates your awareness of the importance of work-life balance and your interest in finding a supportive work environment.

Where do you think the company is heading in the next five years?

  • The response you receive will give you an insight into the progression plans for the organisation and its place in the market. You may also get an insight into upcoming projects.
  • Asking about future plans shows a real interest in the organisation.

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