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Damar Training have been supporting Michelmores with their apprenticeship programme since 2017. During this time we have successfully trained 29 apprentices on Paralegal, Legal Admin and Conveyancing Apprenticeships.

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Why did you start an apprenticeship programme?

Michelmores have had an apprenticeship programme for many years as a means of creating opportunities for colleagues to develop their skills and knowledge whilst gaining valuable experience on the job. We reviewed our programme in 2017 when the levy was introduced, alongside a suite of new legal apprenticeships. Using apprenticeship training, we have been able to create new career paths for those looking for a career in law without going to university.

How do your apprenticeships contribute to your company?

Our entry level apprenticeships attract new talent to the business and allow us to develop home grown talent. Often those who join us on a business administration or legal administrator apprentice progress onto other roles in the business. There are examples where colleagues who joined us on a level 2 business administration apprenticeship are now studying to become a qualified lawyer. Apprenticeships have also enabled us to create opportunities for existing colleagues to develop their skills and knowledge.

How are your apprentices progressing?

It’s an exciting time as a number of people have just finished or are coming to the end of their apprenticeship in the next few months. We are already exploring next steps and I know a number of colleagues are hoping to move to a new role and some are interested in moving on to the level 6 apprenticeship (chartered legal executive or licensed conveyancer) at the end of which they will become a qualified lawyer.

How do you find working with Damar?

We have worked with Damar since 2017 as the main provider of our legal apprenticeships. They have helped us to shape our legal apprenticeship programme and navigate any issues which crop up. Kim Powell, our account manager, is always on hand to answer our queries.

What are your future plans for your apprenticeship programme?

We are bringing our apprentices together as part of National Apprenticeship Week, mainly to celebrate, but we will also work with them to explore how we might improve their apprenticeship experience and raise their profile in the business. As numbers grow, we are able to create more of a cohort feel so that there are more opportunities for apprentices to come together as a group and support each other as they progress through their apprenticeship.